About The Elephants

Allow us to introduce you to our beloved mascots, Buttons and Blue. These two super cute cartoon elephants brilliantly symbolise Family Fostering Partners and our values and ethos as a family run fostering agency.

Why Elephants as Our Logo?

At first glance, our choice of elephants as our logo may seem unconventional for a family foster family agency. But did you know, elephants are renowned for their extraordinary memory spanning many years, as well as their tight-knit matriarchal family groups?  These fantastic creatures embody the essence of our foster family agency and what we are striving to achieve.

Elephants form deep and intricate relationships within their herds, with female elephants displaying exceptional nurturing qualities towards their young. Calves are protected and raised by the entire matriarchal herd, showcasing a collective commitment to care and support. Moreover, elephants engage in complex communication, teaching, and communal care, demonstrating a depth of emotional intelligence rarely seen in the animal kingdom.

Building Deep & Long-Lasting Relationships

At Family Fostering Partners, we believe that fostering is more than singular foster parents providing homes for children; it’s about creating a community of supportive and nurturing individuals within our family run fostering agency, where they can go to each other for advice, form strong support networks, and create homes environments where children can thrive through this shared knowledge and support. 

Like elephants, at our family run fostering agency, we are dedicated to building deep, long-lasting relationships with our foster parents and the children in their care, ensuring they feel supported and valued throughout their fostering journey. This support enables our foster parents to provide the very best possible care for the children in their care, allowing them to build deep and long-lasting relationships together. 

The power of community for our foster family agency

Our logo serves as a visual representation of our commitment to excellence in foster care. Buttons and Blue, our endearing elephant mascots, embody the strong bonds and relationships that our foster parents strive to build with the children in our care. Beyond the elephants cuddly appearance, Buttons and Blue represent the core values of our foster family agency, and our compassion, empathy, and dedication to the well-being of every child in our care.

Buttons and Blue: More Than Just Mascots

Aiding understanding

Our mascots, Buttons and Blue, have become integral to our approach to fostering. Through a collection of e-books and short videos depicting their journey, we use their story to help children who are looked after understand the fostering process; offering them reassurance in an accessible way. Buttons and Blue play a vital role in comforting and guiding younger children through their foster care experience.

Every child that comes to live with foster parents within our family run agency will receive their very own ‘Buttons the Elephant’ teddy. 

Buttons As A Fostering Ambassador

In addition to their role as mascots, Buttons and Blue are ambassadors for fostering awareness. We bring them along to our events to spark conversations about foster care and the importance of providing stable and loving homes for children in need. They are certainly a talking point!

Buttons X Ty Hafan

As well as an adorable addition to our events, we have also designed smaller cuddly versions of Buttons that we sell at our events. All profits made from these sales go directly to children’s hospice Tŷ Hafan. Through these sales, we hope to help Tŷ Hafan in their amazing work – caring for children with life limiting conditions, and their families. Purchase your own Buttons on ebay.

Join Us in Making a Difference

If you share our values and are passionate about making a difference to the lives of children, we invite you to join us by becoming a foster parent. Whether you’re considering fostering for the first time or have previous experience, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to guide you every step of the way.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, complete the contact form. Together, let’s build strong bonds and create a brighter future for every child in need.

    Types of Foster Placements

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    Short Term Fostering

    Short term fostering is when a child stays with a foster family for a finite amount of time. 

    Emergency Foster Care

    A type of fostering where a safe home is needed for a child at very short notice, often with only a few hours warning.  

    Fostering Teenagers

    As teenagers develop independence and face adult decisions, a stable foster home offers crucial support.