Be there to care scheme

a financial incentive scheme to help more
people become Foster Parents.

Giving up work

A large proportion of our carers foster as a career.

Security of regular paycheck

Receive a weekly payment for up to 10 weeks.

On hand to offer care

Our Be There To Care scheme is designed to ensure you can be available to accept a matched foster placement.

Juggle meeting & training

We will equip you with the necessary guidance, support, and training to make your fostering experience a resounding success.

Exploring Foster Care Financial Support through the "Be There To Care" Scheme

The decision to become a foster parent is significant, often accompanied by concerns around financial stability and the responsibilities of providing full-time care. These are concerns that we’ve heard from many who are new to fostering, therefore, recognising these challenges, we have created an innovative foster care financial support scheme called “Be There To Care”. This foster care scheme is designed to allow more individuals to become foster parents by alleviating some of the monetary worries through direct financial support for foster parents before they have been matched with a child. 

Understanding the "Be There To Care" Scheme

The “Be There To Care” scheme is a groundbreaking financial incentive program aimed at facilitating the transition into foster care. This foster care scheme offers new foster parents a weekly payment for up to 10 weeks. These payments are intended to cover living expenses during the initial phase of the foster care journey, ensuring that foster parents are financially secure and fully available to welcome a matched foster placement into their homes.

Ways To Bond When You Become a Foster Carer for the First Time

Benefits of the Foster Care Scheme

  1. Financial Stability: By providing a weekly payment for up to 10 weeks, the foster care scheme addresses one of the biggest hurdles for new foster parents—leaving a regular paycheck to commit to fostering. This support allows individuals to maintain financial stability while preparing to foster.
  1. Comprehensive Support and Training: Beyond offering financial support for foster parents through our Be There To Care scheme, here at Family Fostering Partners we are proud of the support and training we provide to our foster parents. From the initial application process through to you being matched with a child, whether short-term or long-term, we will be with you to support you and ensure you are well-equipped to handle the challenges and rewards of fostering.
  1. Accessibility and Inclusion: We hope that our foster care scheme makes fostering more accessible by alleviating financial concerns, encouraging more people from various backgrounds to consider fostering. It’s designed to make the path to becoming a foster parent less daunting and more achievable.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Potential Foster Parents: We hope that Individuals who are hesitant to give up a stable income for fostering will find this foster care financial support scheme reassuring and conducive to making the commitment to foster care. 

Join Family Fostering Partners and take advantage of our "Be There To Care" Scheme

If you’re considering becoming a foster parent and are looking for a supportive agency who are able to help make the financial transition as smooth as possible, then our “Be There To Care” foster care scheme could be the right start for you. To learn more, or to start your journey as a foster parent, reach out for an informal chat with us. We can be contacted by filling out the contact form.

    Without the input of Family Fostering Partners, their support and their kindness in my life, I do not know where I would be today. I would not be the person I am today without them.

    Davin, Care Experienced Individual