Fostering in England

Fostering in England: The Latest Stats & News

If you’ve been wanting to find a way to make a profound impact on a child’s life, fostering in England might be the path for you. In this blog post we will explore fostering in England, sharing the latest stats and news, and encouraging you to join Family Fostering Partners in their mission to provide the very best foster care to vulnerable children. Whether you’re just curious about fostering in England, looking for a change in career, looking for a way to give back to your local community, or are ready to take the first steps, we hope this blog post will be useful to you. 

Why Foster? 

Fostering is more than just providing a home; it’s about offering stability, love, and guidance to children who need it the most. With thousands of children requiring Fostering in England, the need for safe and loving homes has never been greater. By fostering in England, you are not only giving back to your community but also enriching your own life. The journey of fostering can be challenging at times, but the rewards are immeasurable. You could be the person who helps a child feel safe, offering them the safety and security they desperately need. This simple altruistic act can have a lasting and  powerful impact, which is why ensuring more people consider fostering in England is so important to us at Family Fostering Parents.  

The Current Statistics of Fostering in England 

Understanding the current landscape of fostering in England is essential for anyone considering this path. According to Fostering Network’s  latest statistics (which can be found by following this link): 

  • 57,020 children were living with foster families on 31 March 2023.  
  • This is 68% per cent of the 83,840 children in care looked after away from home.  
  • There are around 43,405 foster families in England.  
  • Every year thousands of new foster families are needed in England.  

Trends and Challenges of Fostering in England 

The fostering sector in England faces several challenges, including: 

Recruitment and Retention: While many individuals express interest in fostering, the number who proceed to become foster parents is insufficient to meet the growing need. As Foster Parents retire or move on, retaining or recruiting foster carers to meet demand is challenging. 

Support and Training: Ensuring that foster parents receive adequate training and support is crucial. Many potential foster parents are deterred by the perceived lack of resources and assistance. At Family Fostering Partners, for those fostering in England, you can expect support and training in abundance. Click here to find out more about the support and training we offer to our foster parents.   

Matching and Placement: Finding the right match between foster parents and children who require fostering in England is a crucial process. It requires careful consideration of the child’s needs and the foster family’s capacity to meet those needs, as well as aligning personalities, hobbies and interests. At Family Fostering Partners, matching is incredibly important to us, and ensures the stability of our fostering households.  

Fostering in England latest Development and News 

Government Initiatives 

The UK government has recognised the critical need for more foster parents and has introduced several initiatives aimed at addressing this issue. These include: 

Increased Funding: Additional funding has been allocated to local authorities to improve support services for foster familiesClick here to find out about our work as an Independent Fostering Agency, and the support we offer to those fostering in England.  

Awareness Campaigns: Nationwide campaigns have been launched across England to raise awareness about the need for foster parents and the rewards of fostering.  

Enhanced Training Programs: New training programs have been developed to better prepare foster parents for the challenges they may face. We believe that it is crucial for anybody fostering in England to receive regular and relevant training. At Family Fostering Partners, training is our forte and underpins everything that our foster parents do. 

Technological Advances 

Technology is also playing a role in transforming how we look after children. Digital platforms are being used to streamline the recruitment process, making it easier for potential foster parents to learn about fostering. If you are considering fostering in England, please feel free to look around our website where you’ll find all of the information, you’ll need to know about fostering. If you have a question we have not answered, please use the ‘talk to us’ feature in the bottom right hand corner, where you will be able to speak to a member of the team who are experts in Fostering in England.  

 Success Stories 

One of the most inspiring aspects of fostering is hearing the success stories from families who have embraced this journey. Stories of children thriving in their new environments, achieving their potential, and forming lasting bonds with their foster families are incredibly moving and motivating. These narratives highlight the profound difference fostering in England can make in a child’s life and underscore the importance of recruiting more foster parents. Click here to hear from Davin, a care experienced individual who was fostered by FFP Foster parents. 

How You Can Help: Fostering in England 

Become a Foster Parent 

If you’ve been contemplating fostering, now is the time to take the next step. Family Fostering Partners are here to guide you through every stage of the process. From initial inquiries to comprehensive training and ongoing support, we ensure that you feel confident and prepared to welcome a child into your home and begin your fostering journey in England. 

Spread the Word 

Not everyone may be in a position to foster, but everyone can help spread the word. Share information about the need for foster parents with your friends, family, and social networks. You can also support awareness campaigns and initiatives aimed at recruiting more fostering families. Follow us on Facebook, and please share our content! 


Fostering in England is at a critical juncture. With more children entering the care system and a significant shortfall in foster families, the need for compassionate, dedicated individuals to step forward has never been greater. By becoming a foster parent with Family Fostering Partners, you can provide a child with the stability and support they need to thrive. Together, we can make a lasting difference to the lives of countless children. If you’re ready to embark on your fostering journey in England, reach out to Family Fostering Partners today. Your decision to foster could transform a child’s future and bring immeasurable joy and fulfilment into your own life. If you would like to get in touch about becoming a foster parent, you can do so by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

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