Fostering in Evesham

By fostering in Evesham, you offer a loving home and embark on your own rewarding journey. 

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Independent Foster Care Agency in Evesham

Family Fostering Partners are a leading independent fostering agency that cover the Evesham area. With offices based in Hereford, we cover a huge spectrum of the South West. At the heart of our work, we offer a comprehensive and nurturing foster care experience for those aiming to enhance the lives of the young people we serve. Our fostering agency is active across Evesham and surrounding areas and we are known for our commitment, enthusiasm, expert care, and the training opportunities that we provide to our foster parents. Collaborating with Evesham’s local authorities, our goal is to foster positive relationships between children who are fostered and their foster parents,  ensuring that each individual’s unique needs are addressed with care.

We offer a wide array of placement types, from Teenage and Emergency Foster Care to bespoke Parent-Child Fostering options. Our website should tell you everything you need to know about the fostering process, from your initial enquiry to being approved as a foster parent, and beyond!  Additionally, our 24/7 live chat service is always available, and a member of the Family Fostering Partners team will be able to provide quick, informed responses to your questions.

About Fostering in Evesham

No matter which type of fostering you embark on, becoming a foster parent means you are welcoming a young, vulnerable person into your home and providing a safe, loving environment for them to develop and succeed. Evesham is a picturesque market town nestled in the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire, England, renowned for its rich history and scenic beauty. The town is famous for its lush landscapes, particularly during the spring when the fruit trees are in full bloom. Evesham also boasts a variety of historic sites, including the remains of Evesham Abbey, which play a significant role in the town’s heritage and attract visitors year-round. Given the green space, rural environment and friendly nature, Evesham is a wonderful place to begin your fostering journey. 


Evesham is a wonderful place to raise a child, offering access to quality education through a variety of primary and secondary schools known for their supportive environments. The town boasts a range of clubs and activities, from sports teams to creative arts groups, providing opportunities for children to pursue their interests and build friendships. Additionally, local youth organisations and community centres offer programs that encourage social engagement and skill development, fostering a strong sense of belonging and personal growth.

Family Fostering Partner’s Services in Evesham

Fostering in Evesham allows for a supportive environment of a smaller community. Every child’s individual needs are thoughtfully addressed, with a range of foster care options available to meet those distinct needs. In Evesham, Family Fostering Partners supports prospective foster parents in finding the right fostering path that matches their abilities and personal circumstances.

Here’s a quick overview of the foster placement categories:

  • Emergency Foster Placement: For children needing immediate shelter, typically lasting a few days. It focuses on safety during crises.
  • Short-term Foster Placement: Provides children a stable home for a few weeks to several months during family upheavals.
  • Long-term Foster Placement: For children needing a lasting home environment, often spanning years. It aims to provide consistent love and support.
  • Respite Foster Placement: A temporary relief placement, ranging from a few days to weeks, giving both birth and foster families a respite.
  • Parent and Child Fostering: This specialised placement helps a parent (usually a mother) enhance their child-rearing skills under the observation of a foster parent.
  • Teenage Foster Care: Catering to the unique emotional, educational, and developmental needs of teenagers, providing stability during crucial growth years, and preparing them for independent living.

To explore becoming a foster parent in Evesham and make a meaningful difference, connect with us through the contact form, our online chat, or a direct call on 03300 948 816. 

Can You Foster in Evesham?

Are you considering starting your fostering journey with an independent foster care agency? Do you live in Evesham or nearby areas? Family Fostering Partners is the agency for you. If you’re new to fostering, we’ll begin with an initial assessment, and the process from assessment to approval as a carer will take about 3-5 months. We’ll support you every step of the way, providing advice, guidance, and assistance.

We’re committed to equipping you with the essential skills and knowledge for this meaningful role. Our training sessions are designed to help you build nurturing relationships, strengthen emotional connections, and to fully meet the needs of the children in your care.

Training Highlights:

  • Core Principle: We champion attachment-focused methods, valuing the role of nurturing relationships in fostering.
  • Training Venues: Training sessions occur locally, in community centres, enabling foster parents in Evesham to connect, share experiences, and build support networks.
  • Timing: Training runs during school terms, 10am-2pm, to fit around your family routine. Lunch and refreshments provided.
  • Our Trainers: Our experienced team, complemented by field experts, ensures a comprehensive training experience.
  • Courses Offered: Starting with a 3-day ‘Skills to Foster’ Course, we also cover Safeguarding, Paediatric First Aid, Attachment, and more. Training evolves to reflect current best practices.
  • Personalised Support: A dedicated Link Worker tailors training recommendations, offering individual guidance to Evesham foster parents.
  • No Prior Qualifications Needed: While any past experience is a bonus, our training ensures you gain the skills needed for successful fostering.

Foster Carers in Evesham – Additional Information

Becoming a foster parent often presents a few misconceptions. There is a lot of information out there, and at times, can seem to have people at cross wires. Contrary to some beliefs, you do not need any qualifications to begin your fostering journey. There is also a misconception that you cannot foster if you have a  past criminal record – click here to learn more. Being able to foster hinges on your ability and willingness to provide a nurturing home. Our training programs are tailored to support both foster parents and children alike. Joining Family Fostering Partners in Evesham means you’re part of an essential support network that includes link workers, other foster parents, regular meet-ups, support groups, and an exclusive online community, making you an integral part of our extended family.

What to Expect from Family Fostering Partners in Evesham?

  • Personalised Support: From the outset, an Assessing Social Worker will be by your side, guiding you seamlessly through the application stages.
  • Specialised Training: We offer in-depth training tailored to meet your needs, covering essential topics like therapeutic parenting and handling challenging behaviours.
  • Community Engagement: Regular support groups allow you to network with fellow foster parents in Evesham, while our exclusive Facebook group fosters deeper connections within our community.
  • Constant Assistance: We’re here for you 24/7, ensuring you always have someone to turn to, even on holidays.
  • Dedicated Professional Assistance: Each fostering family is paired with a link worker for consistent support and guidance.
  • Foster Talk Members: All our foster parents enjoy a full membership to Foster Talk, supporting foster parents nationwide.

Foster carers receive a generous allowance to help cover childcare expenses, in recognition of their commitment to fostering. This support also includes tax benefits that can lower their overall tax liabilities. Our team is always on hand to address any financial questions you may have.

If you’re in need of financial guidance, the friendly staff at Family Fostering Partners are always on hand to help. We’re excited to launch our new #BeThereToCare scheme, designed to provide financial support to new foster carers from the moment they receive approval until they’re matched with their first child or young person.

If you’re passionate about making a meaningful difference in a child’s life, we invite you to join our fostering network in Evesham. Contact Family Fostering Partners today to begin your journey in foster care.


We appreciate that you need time to think about it and to consider the effect it will have on you and your family.

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We appreciate that you need time to think about it and to consider the effect it will have on you and your family. You can take as much time as you need to make the right decision. We will never rush or pressure you, but when you do make that decision to foster with us, we promise you will be fully supported throughout the process.

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