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Foster Care Values at Family Fostering Partners

At Family Fostering Partners, the centre of everything that we do and every decision that we take are the needs of the children in our care.  We know from experience that every child who enters our care is unique, and this drives our foster care values. We work hard to ensure that every child receives tailored and personalised care that will allow them to achieve their full potential. Our focus is on creating a secure, supportive, and nurturing environment for children and foster parents through continuous support, training, and guidance. 

Family Fostering Values

Personalised and Supportive Foster Care

We recognise the importance of personalised care in fostering because every child that we help care for has their own strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Our team works diligently to develop a care plan that best serves the individual circumstances of each child, ensuring they thrive and flourish under our care. This aim underpins our foster care values as we aim to provide an environment where every child receives the attention and support they need to grow and succeed.

Collaborative Approach to Foster Care

Of course, providing exceptional foster care requires a collaborative effort from every individual and organisation. It’s important that everyone involved in looking after a child, from foster parents, social workers, local authorities, and other professionals, works towards a common set of foster care values. 

By working closely with these stakeholders, we strive to deliver the best possible care, leveraging diverse insights and expertise to address all aspects of a child’s needs. Our commitment to open communication and mutual respect is fundamental in our collaborative approach, aiming to enhance the well-being and development of the children we help look after.

Commitment to Integrity and Improvement

At the core of our foster care values are our commitment to ensuring that we as a team continue to uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability. It is only by maintaining our exceptional professional and ethical standards that we are able to continue to achieve the highest level of care to those we look after. 

Additionally, maintaining such standards allows us to build trust in the quality of what we do, this trust is vital for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone involved in looking after a child. Finally, an integral part of our foster care values is our commitment to continuous improvement. We want to ensure that we are always staying informed about the latest research and best practices in foster care, so that the services we offer remain at the forefront of the field.

Teamwork, Trust, and Communication

As a family run organisation, our foster care values are grounded in similar family focused values of teamwork, trust, and communication. We believe in creating an inclusive environment that promotes a sense of belonging and security for all families who foster. It’s important to us that we approach our relationships with foster families as partnerships, emphasising the importance of trust and open communication. 

Our goal through these foster care values is to create a culture where everyone feels part of our extended family, working together to provide the highest quality of care for the children and young people that we help to look after.

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Our Foster Care Values in Practice

To summarise, at Family Fostering Partners, our commitment to these foster care values ensures that every child and family we work with receives comprehensive support tailored to their needs. By embracing the principles outlined above we can continue to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children and foster families, contributing to a brighter and safer future for all.

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